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ISO 9001

Specializing in Precision CNC Miling, Turning, Grinding and Assembly

Since 1971

In today's quickly evolving manufacturing environment the trend towards a multi-tasking machine to complete complex parts without tying up multiple machines and various operators makes for greater efficiency resulting in cost savings that are passed on to the customer. These multi-functional machines come with multiple pallets on the turning equipment and multiple tool magazines with high pressure thru spindle coolant on the milling equipment.

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Our 20,000 sq. ft. plant has over 26 work stations with various milling, turning and grinding equipment. As older CNC machines are replaced, new ones are added that are faster with improved capacity to meet growing demand.

Our shop planners assign jobs to the most appropriate machine and once the Mastercam program is completed there is no need for multiple set-ups when the multi-axis equipment is utilized. This provides on time deliveries and reduces set up costs.
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With an average tenure of approximately 20 years, our experienced workforce has a proven history with intricate machining. In addition to being skilled operators, our machinists are capable of producing Mastercam programs, while our ongoing cross-training and apprenticeship programs keep our staff current with innovations in the industry.  A stable and highly trained workforce is critical to the confidence our customers place in us.

CNC Turning

With speeds up to 6,000 RPM, our turning lathes ensure super precision accuracy while meeting the tight tolerances demanded today in so many industries. The maximum diameter on our lathes is 18" with a maximum length of 80".

The leading machine brands in the industry include Hardinge,VDF / Boehringer, Nakamura and we have them all. With twin spindle, twin turret and live tooling we are capable of significantly reducing both the setup and processing time, while ensuring complete accuracy.

CNC Milling

Our milling equipment is from Hurco, Mazak, and Deckel covering a large variety of size applications on the x, y, and z axis. The 5-axis machines run at speeds up to 18,000 RPM allowing one process on multiple angles for complex parts. Please refer to our equipment list for more details.

Grinding and Honing

Our grinding equipment gives a polished finish to both flat and cylindrical surfaces, with internal hole finishing on the Sunnen honing equipment.


Most components are manufactured to fit a specific application and form part of a sub-assembly. With our well organized assembly capabilities, we make it possible to take a project from raw materials through the machining process, to complete assembled equipment, including testing, all under one roof.

We are proud of the machines we manufacture on a monthly basis providing a complete solution to our customers.


We outsource surface finishing processes to pre-approved partners who have the expertise in coating, painting, electro plating, anodizing along with other surface finishes. When the component is for aerospace we will only use AS9100 and/or Nadcap certified partners.


Our project management team will take your idea and translate it into a finished product with creative recommendations on the manufacturing process and make recommendations on appropriate materials to reduce costs.


This valuable service reduces the cost of re-handling parts for many customers through the use of packaged kits with appropriate labels ready for end use efficiency.


Most of our work is in hard and soft alloys including different grades of steel, copper, aluminum, graphite and inconel.